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When I told one of my friends that I was starting an environment blog, she said, “Hmm, the environment. That’s hard.”

Hard to write about? I asked her to clarify.

“Everything is designed in a way that prevents you from being environmentally friendly,” she explained. The world goes against it.”

“That’s why I’m starting an environment blog,” I said.

I want to feature Montrealers who are doing interesting and innovative things to protect the environment and to promote sustainability in their community.

I want to talk about environmental issues that matter to Montrealers, and potential solutions.

I’m not exactly a hardcore environmentalist, but I try and do my part. When my daughter was born, I used cloth diapers. I subscribe to a weekly compost collection service. Even with two young kids, my husband and I don’t own a car: we use public transportation or Communauto. We chose to live in a duplex near a metro station, rather than buy a house out in the suburbs.

To some of my husband’s suburbanite colleagues, this is all very radical. Yet next to some of our more bohemian Mile End friends, this is all very tame. After all, we didn’t use the cloth diapers all the time. I still buy little juice boxes and individually wrapped cheese sticks for my kids.

As a writer and journalist, however, I feel the way I can make the greatest difference is by giving a voice to those who are being a bit more daring and enterprising. The aim of this blog, therefore, is to draw your attention to pilot projects, events, educational projects, research, new technology, or other initiatives taking place in and around the city.

My ultimate goal is not just to inform, but to inspire.

So if you know of someone involved in an exciting environmental project in the Montreal area, please let me know!

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