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By now most of us know what can and cannot but recycled, but there are always those miscellaneous items: cash register receipts? Tissue wrapping paper? What about those plastic packages from “fresh” pasta that don’t have any number symbol? Plastic hangers? Metal hangers? And if I’m not sure, am I better off putting it in, or not? They say to “rinse” everything — what if I don’t? Will it still get recycled? Will it “contaminate” the whole load?

Most of all, how much of the stuff collected truly gets recycled?

My plan is to arrange a visit to Montreal’s sorting/recycling plant, and to sit down with someone there to ask all my questions. But first, I’m collecting your questions: so, what have you always wanted to know about recycling?

Send me your questions through this blog, by email, via Twitter @EveKrakow, or through Montreal OpenFile’s “growing file,” Everything you always wanted to know about recycling but were afraid to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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