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I was a bit shocked and rather dismayed to read this morning about cuts planned by the National Film Board, as a result of funding cuts by the federal government. According to The Montreal Gazette, the NFB will be cutting 73 full- and part-time jobs, closing its cinemas in Toronto and Montreal, closing the NFB storefront office on St. Denis Street in Montreal, reducing the Filmmaker Assistance Program and decreasing the amount of money devoted to film production.

So I thought maybe this is a good time for some enviro-related NFB promotion. Did you know you can watch movies for free on the NFB site? In particular, The Green Channel offers “a close look at our world, the environment and sustainability,” with nearly 30 short and feature-length films available for viewing. You can watch them for free online, order them on DVD, or in some cases, download them for a small fee.

I highly recommend “Never Lose Sight,” a short film by Sarah McNair-Landry on the challenges of garbage, recycling and composting in Iqaluit, Nunavut. The challenges they face in this isolated, northern town are very different from the ones we face down here in the south — and yet, in some larger ways, they are not.

Never Lose Sight, Sarah McNair-Landry, 2009, 21 min 30 s

(also in French as “Pour ne pas perdre le Nord)

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